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Lifestyle Portraits

There is just something about capturing the natural essence of a person that feels a little addictive to me. Allowing themselves to see what the rest of the world sees: beauty, kindness, rawness... I will never tire of it. While I absolutely love moments, sometimes a simple portrait of a person can etch a place for them in eternity. When shooting portraits, authenticity is always what I'm hoping for. Whether it's a brand new baby having their first ever photos taken, a High School Senior documenting their rite of passage from one stage of life to the next, a bride-to-be looking for a special gift for her fiance, or an aspiring artist trying to get their big break, portraits are never contrived or staged. Rather, I just take the opportunity to get to know my subject, and be with them where they are. It's truly a great gift. 


Portrait session rates vary based on location. Images are always present in person, where the client will have the opportunity to purchase any prints, wall art, albums, or other products they wish to have from the session. 
Session fees start at $150. Please inquire using the contact form for more information. 

Squier Studios

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