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The unspoken uniqueness of documentary photography in weddin

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”
– Dorothea Lange

What is documentary photography in weddings?

Documentary photography in weddings captures candid moments without staging or posing. It aims to tell the story of the day as it unfolds, focusing on genuine emotions and interactions. With documentary photography, your day gets to unfold just as you plan it, while you are a present participant. You don't have to worry about managing the photographer, or whether you look "just right" (We promise, you look GREAT!) This style of photography values authenticity over perfection, creating a visual narrative that preserves the natural essence of the wedding day.

The distinctive style of documentary photography

Documentary photography has a unique approach that focuses on capturing candid moments and real emotions as they unfold. The photographer does not change things, or control outcomes while making photographs. Instead, the photographer is a watchful observer who seeks to tell a story through unposed and spontaneous images, providing a genuine and authentic perspective of the wedding day. The distinctive style of documentary photography stands out by creating a narrative that emphasizes the raw and candid nature of the moments captured, allowing the viewer to experience the emotions and atmosphere of the event as if they were right there.

Why choose documentary photography for weddings?

On your wedding day, you probably want to be able to relax and enjoy time with your loved ones. After all, you didn't orchestrate such a beautiful day just for yourself; you did it to be able to have quality time with the ones you loved. Otherwise, you might have just eloped (and we're just fine with that, too). But more involved days deserve documentary wedding photography because it captures genuine moments and emotions, creating a narrative of your special day. Unlike traditional posed photos, documentary photography provides a natural and unscripted look for your wedding images, allowing you to relive the real emotions and interactions that occurred. With this style, you can see the authentic beauty of your wedding day without artificial setups or forced smiles.

Unveiling the stories behind the lens

Documentary photography in weddings is different from traditional wedding photography. It focuses on capturing candid moments and real emotions without staging them. This style brings out the authentic essence of the wedding day. Through documentary photography, the photographer tells a story using images that are not posed or manipulated, and doesn't interfere with the integrity of the moment. The result is a collection of genuine and heartfelt moments that truly reflect the emotions and atmosphere of the wedding day, and expressing that your wedding day was a day like no one else's.

The impact of authentic storytelling

If you think back on your life, you can probably vividly remember a moment in time that stands out to you for being special in some way. If you think of this specific day, you might close your eyes and remember how the air smelled, the weather, the sounds, and the people who were there. The story of the day played out in such a way that it was imprinted on your mind in a way you could never forget. You are able to remember what it felt like to be there. Authentic storytelling in documentary photography captures can take you back to a place in time, by documenting real emotions and candid moments as they happen, portraying the true essence of your special day. By focusing on genuine interactions and unscripted experiences, these images create a powerful narrative that speaks volumes. Through authentic storytelling, wedding documentary photography goes beyond mere visuals, etching everlasting memories that resonate with the heart.

Documentary photography vs. traditional wedding photography

At Squier Studios, we specialize in documentary photography. This means we focus on capturing candid moments that unfold naturally throughout the wedding day, focusing on real emotions and genuine interactions. It's important to us that you are able to be present in each moment of your wedding day, instead of being told how to pose, where to look, and where and how to stand or sit. We aim to tell a story and preserve the authenticity and integrity of the event itself. In contrast, traditional wedding photography involves posed shots and staged compositions, often with more emphasis on formal poses and traditional wedding moments. Documentary photography seeks to capture the raw, unscripted moments that make each wedding unique, while traditional photography focuses on creating polished and timeless images through careful staging and composition. In short, we want to capture more than what your day looks like; rather, we want to focus on how it felt to be there.

How to know if Squier Studios is the right documentary photographer for your wedding

When you look at our portfolio, you may notice that you don't see a lot of the types of photos that other photographers love to show off. You might notice how our portfolio showcases more candid moments and storytelling rather than posed shots. We will gladly supply you with recommendations from past clients who have chosen our documentary wedding photography approach. While it's true that each photographer has a unique style, it's important that you choose one whose work resonates with you. We'd love to meet with you to discuss your vision and ensure we understand your expectations.

How Squier Studios achieves natural and unposed wedding photographs

To capture natural and unposed wedding photos, photographers focus on candid moments and genuine emotions.

  1. We will build rapport with the couple beforehand to create a comfortable atmosphere during the shoot.
  2. We observe and anticipate moments that are unfolding naturally, such as a heartfelt hug or a spontaneous laugh.
  3. We always encourage the couple to ignore the camera and just be themselves to capture authentic emotions.
  4. We use a documentary approach by being unobtrusive and letting the events of the day unfold naturally.
  5. We seek out unique perspectives and angles to add depth and storytelling to the photographs, while also flattering our clients.

By following these tips, we achieve natural and unposed wedding photographs that truly capture the essence of the special day.

Preserving memories through documentary wedding photography

Documentary wedding photography focuses on capturing candid moments and genuine emotions, preserving memories in a natural and storytelling way. We aim to be unobtrusive, capturing the events as they naturally unfold without staging or directing. This style allows for authentic moments to be frozen in time, creating a collection of images that reflect the true essence of the wedding day. After your wedding, we will help you remember your day by making unique, expertly crafted wall art for the walls of your home, handmade albums, and a wide variety of other options to help guarantee that your wedding day will live on for generations to come.

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