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Getting Ready for Your Wedding

I'm so excited to make meaningful photos of your wedding-day preparation while you're surrounded by the people you love!

Because we love telling the story of your wedding day, making sure to plan time for the preparation aspect of the day is key. Getting ready photos are often some of the most intimate and celebrated photos from your big day!

As you consider your wedding day timeline and schedule, for most Colorado Springs weddings, I usually need an hour and a half to adequately capture most beloved preparation photos.

What We Do

When my second photographer and I arrive on your wedding day, we'll introduce ourselves to your family and/or wedding attendants (bridesmaids, bridesmen, groomsmen, groomsmaids) who are present. Then we'll begin photographing details. Most of these details will already be laid out per our pre-wedding day questionnaire instructions, but occasionally we have to take a few moments to arrange them. My second and I will work together to ensure quick, yet beautiful detail photos are taken, while still ensuring the other of us focuses on you and your people so we don't miss a moment there.

When we photograph men getting ready, we focus on shirt buttoning, tie tying, shoe tying, and vest and jacket buttoning. We might sometimes ask attendants to help with adjustments, but usually these things are photographed in real time, as they happen. We also stick around to be sure to capture any toasts or well-wishes.

When we photograph women getting ready, we try to make sure that our subject is surrounded by her attendants or family members. Male assistants will be asked to exit, and I don't photograph during undressing; rather, I stay ready so that I can simply continue my photography once the coast is clear.

Some couples use this time to exchange cards, letters, gifts or other sentiments. If that happens, we will photograph each exchange as well as the reveal itself.

Parent first looks also usually happen during this time, as well, and of course we love to include those in the wedding-day schedule.

Throughout this process, my assistants and second photographers also keep a watchful eye on time and do our best to ensure that the wedding-day timeline is adhered to. We want to be sure to get you to the next events on the schedule in a timely fashion!

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