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There are many reasons a couple may choose to elope.

There are many reasons that couples may choose to quietly circumvent the big to-do of a wedding with 50+ guests. Some of these reasons might be that funds are limited, sometimes one or both partners will be deploying quickly, or maybe you're navigating the schedules of children from past relationships. Whatever the reason may be, eloping can be liberating. Eloping has a few big advantages, too. Elopements usually consist of simply the couple getting married, their chosen photographer, and an officiant (although Colorado DOES allow couples to self-solemnize, so no officiant required). Sometimes, couples invite their closest friends and families. This small number of people allows for intimacy in your ceremony, and far fewer logistics than a big wedding. Further, it allows for unforgettable photography of a moment in time when you pledge yourself to another, either in secret or not.

This particular elopement was done in the iconically beautiful Garden of the Gods Park, a short walk from parking lot #7. Colorado is a wonderful place to elope, and has countless beautiful options for elopement locations. Some of these include Sapphire Point Overlook, Denver Botanic Gardens, Pikes Peak, Daniel's & Fisher Clock Tower, Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum, and the list goes on.

Garden of the Gods elopement

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