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If you're a Colorado bride-to-be, or just a woman who is interested in giving herself a little mood-boost, a boudoir photography session may be just what you need. I'd LOVE to have you join my VIP group on Facebook. It's a place of positivity, and a great way for you to see more of my work!

What is Boudoir Photography, you ask? Boudoir is a french word for a woman's bedroom or private dressing area. If the word boudoir makes you feel a little awkward, you can thank the Marque de Sade, a French aristocrat who was known for his immoral and scandalous exchanges and advances that were commonplace within. But today, boudoir photography is a way for women to be celebrated and praised, and for them to feel empowered.

Perhaps we can trace the roots of boudoir photography's modern popularity back to the pin-up girls of the 40's, used to recruit men for the military branches during World War II. But it is an important art form that has been evolving for decades! Icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Bridgette Bardot, and Christie Brinkley have all had a hand in helping it to gain popularity in the public eye.

I've created intimate portraiture in Colorado Springs for dozens of women since 2012, and I can tell you they all have something in common: they come in feeling uncertain, and they walk out feeling certain they can take on the world.

Boudoir sessions are scheduled in my Colorado Springs studio, with occasional use of local boutique hotels. Each session includes professional hair styling and makeup application by one of my preferred, licensed, professional hair and make-up artists. Outfit guidance is included with each session, as are snacks and a beverage of your choice during the session. Boudoir images and artwork are popular gifts for a woman's partner or spouse, and make great wall art. Think about it-people have been hanging boudoir-set images of women in the walls of bathrooms for quite some time now.

If you're a woman who would like to join my VIP group on Facebook, and be the first to learn about special offers and giveaways, you can request membership here.

Every Image You Purchase includes Complete Retouching.

Some women may panic when they read that "complete retouching" is included for all purchased images from their boudoir photo session. Others may become giddy with excitement. Can we make you look like a plastic, morphed and warped, version of yourself? Yes. Absolutely we can. Photoshop is pretty cool after all. But will we? Not a chance. When you have a session, we promise you'll walk away feeling amazing. And when you receive your photos, you'll look just like you FEEL on your VERY best day. Boudoir isn't about anybody's story but your own, so it's important to us that you look like YOU. Not the morphed version of you. Just simply YOU!

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