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Sunny Baby

1 year photo shoot

Your baby's first year is a magical time of firsts! It is a milestone for the child and her parents, and a wonderful time to celebrate all that's been accomplished. Often, Colorado Springs Families choose to celebrate their child's 1st birthday with the child's first take of cake! These cakes are often called "smash cakes" because once the kiddo tastes that sugary goodness, they want to dive right in and eat it by the hand- (and sometimes foot) full! This right of passage is often documented with photos, and Squier Studios is always thrilled to celebrate with you and your baby.

Location: 3105 Gateway Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80904.

Squier Studios

15025 Hilton Head Ct. Colorado Springs, CO 80921 - (719) 648-2152 - amanda@squierstudio.com